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Jones Act

“Determining Liability in Jones Act Accidents: How Much Fault is Required for Employer Responsibility?”

Offshore and maritime workers are entitled to maintenance and cure, which covers some of the costs associated with injury and impairment. However, these benefits do not hold employers fully accountable for their negligence. The Jones Act was passed in 1920 to provide additional protection to these workers and hold negligent employers and vessel owners accountable […]
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Centerline’s Negligence Causes Serious Injury to Doyle Dennis Avery LLP’s Client

Doyle Dennis Avery LLP recently filed suit against Centerline Logistics Corp. a/k/a Harley Marine (“Centerline”) in the US District Court for the District of Puerto Rico, in an action for damages in tort. On or about May 10, 2022, Doyle Dennis Avery LLP’s client, a cargo inspector and citizen of Puerto Rico, attempted to utilize […]
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Marathon Employee Suffers Traumatic Brain Injury After Marathon Ignored Employee’s Medical Emergency

In response to its employee suffering a medical emergency while working on its vessel, Marathon refused to help the employee. The employee had a severe panic attack and as a result, he fell and hit his head and suffered a traumatic brain injury. On behalf of the employee, Doyle Dennis Avery LLP filed suit against […]
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Doyle Dennis Avery LLP Present on the Seaman’s Protection Act

Doyle Dennis Avery LLP partners Patrick Dennis and Jeff Avery recently teamed up with the National Employment Lawyers Association (NELA) to present a CLE on the Seaman’s Protection Act, a federal law designed to protect offshore workers from retaliation for reporting safety issues, OSHA violations, or injuries. The Seaman’s Protection Act (SPA) provides whistleblower protections […]
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Doyle Dennis Avery LLP Vs. Cooper Marine & Timberlands Corp: Alabama Maritime Injury

Doyle Dennis Avery LLP has a team of lawyers with experience in bringing maritime and Jones Act cases throughout the United States.  Recently, Doyle Dennis was hired to bring a case in the Circuit Court of Mobile County, Alabama.  The suit seeks damages under the Jones Act, duty of unseaworthiness, and duty to pay maintenance […]
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Maritime Injury Lawsuit: Doyle Dennis Avery LLP Vs. Diamond Offshore

Doyle Dennis Avery LLP has been retained to bring an offshore injury claim, under general United States maritime law and more specifically the Jones Act on behalf of a worker who was injured while participating in an engine overhaul on drill ship vessel. The claim against Diamond Offshore is based in Harris County, Texas.  Diamond Offshore maintains its […]
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