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Getting Maintenance And Cure

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Getting Maintenance And Cure

Maintenance and cure provide necessary help after an injury. After an injury, it is important you follow the appropriate steps to secure the benefits. First, it is important to report your injury to your supervisor as soon as possible. You should then seek appropriate medical care to diagnose your injury. The next step is to file a claim. Claims must be as soon as possible following the injury. With the claim, you need an official accident report that contains the details of the accident. Supervisors and employers may be reluctant to file claims, but if you are injured while working, it should be a priority. Securing this claim allows facts to be established early on.

  • Report injury to supervisor
  • Seek appropriate medical care to diagnose injury
  • File a claim within seven days of injury
  • Secure accident report to establish details
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As soon as you face any trouble or want advice it would be wise to seek the legal and practical guidance of an experienced offshore injury attorney at Doyle Dennis Avery LLP. Even if you are not aware, numerous guidelines and deadlines exist for claiming compensation. To relieve confusion and stress it would be wise to contact an experienced attorney to walk you through the process.  We have worked with injured maritime workers all around the world, and will treat you with respect and care through negotiations and litigation required to seek to obtain maintenance and cure.

When maintenance and cure is willfully denied to qualified worker, we aggressively pursue compensation for our clients. Legal options may include pursuit of damages that can increase your compensation on top of maintenance and cure. Taking your case to a qualified maritime attorney allows you the best chance at recovery versus an attorney with limited or no direct experience in the Jones Act.  You can benefit from our dedication and experience in hundreds of Jones Act claims and other maritime injury cases.

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