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Workboat Accident Injuries

Workboat Accident Injuries

The attorneys at Doyle LLP Trial Lawyers can provide effective and accomplished legal service for workboat seamen injured across the globe. We have exhibited a great record of success for injured workboat employees, including claims involving:

  • Transportation boats carrying offshore workers
  • Survey vessels
  • Cruise ships, including those servicing Hawaii, Europe and the Caribbean
  • Seismic exploration vessels
  • Supply vessels, such as those that service offshore operations
  • Towboats, tugboats, push boats and barges along inland waterways

Unique dangers and challenges encounter those working aboard any maritime vessel, from a push boat to cruise ship. Our maritime lawyers at Doyle LLP Trial Lawyer clearly explain your rights and opportunities for financial compensation from companies under the Jones Act and other maritime laws.

Through our well-known preparation and attention to detail we fill identify the cause of your injuries and all the liable parties. We will travel around the world to build a strong case for our client.

After an injury at sea, you can trust the renowned maritime attorneys at Doyle LLP Trial Lawyers to fight for your rights. Contact our firm today to review your rights and discuss your

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