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Mississippi Maritime Accident Lawyers

Our Mississippi maritime accident lawyers will answer your questions and help your family receive the proper compensation you deserve after a maritime injury or wrongful death at or near the sea. Our law firm has decades of experience to fall back on as nationally recognized trial lawyers in the admiralty industry. We use this experience on a day-by-day basis to help our clients understand their position and what they are entitled to. Allow us to share our great experience and knowledge to help you learn what your claim is truly worth. Maritime workers serve a vital role in the Mississippi economy and their contributions to the oil and gas, fishing, and commerce industries can not be understated. Doyle Dennis LLP Trial lawyers focuses on advocating for victims of maritime accidents and helping them and their families to recover financially.
After an injury while working in the maritime industry, your future may hinge on your attorney’s experience and skill in dealing with the federal law for maritime cases against powerful and wealthy adversaries. You can contact us if your home or business has been damaged by maritime activities such as the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. You can trust us and have confidence in our ability to fight on your behalf in insurance disputes and claims against large companies such as Transocean, BP and Halliburton.

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What am I entitled to following a maritime injury?

From local tugboats to international cargo vessels, ships pass through Mississippi waters every day. Mississippi vessel owners have legal obligations to ensure the welfare of their maritime workers on and in contact with their vessels. In the event of an accident that causes an injury or death, federal law maintains that the vessel owner provides prompt medical care and the resulting maintenance and cure. It is important to take note of, that no matter the cause of the injury, an American maritime employer is required to provide appropriate maintenance and cure. Maintenance is a periodic sum that is intended to cover living expenses while you are unable to work. Cure refers to the medical expenses encountered while recovering from your illness or injury. Maintenance and cure are required whether or not negligence was the cause. This inherent responsibility remains until you reach maximum medical improvement. Simply put, maximum medical improvements means you reached a point to where you are as good as going to get. While all these are claimed, a second Jones Act may be claimed. This Jones Act claim may arise from negligence being involved in the accident that caused the injury or illness. One such cause of negligence is unseaworthiness which stems from unsafe conditions on a vessel, including the tools and machinery used in your work while operating on the vessel. Because of this, an experienced admiralty attorney can help you navigate the complex nature of maritime law. With Mississippi maritime accident lawyers experienced in the field, you can receive financial compensation to help you recover from your injury

We represent injured seamen and their families in port cities nationwide

Seaman, oil workers, longshoremen, fishermen, and other maritime workers injured should contact an experienced maritime attorney at Doyle Dennis LLP Trial Lawyers to help assess their claim. Their expertise can be vital in fairly representing your claim to its full potential. A lawyer without specialty experience may end up selling your claim short. U.S. admiralty law can fall under federal court jurisdiction as well as state court jurisdiction. In effect, this allows you to hire an experienced and accomplished law firm anywhere in the nation. Working with Doyle Dennis LLP allows you to work towards a recovery.

In one of our multimillion-dollar recoveries in serious maritime injury cases, we represented a Mississippi resident who suffered a life-altering back injury from a helicopter accident. Melvin Pace and other crewmen were harmed after a helicopter crashed and caught fire during transportation back to shore from an offshore oil platform. The court found Houston Helicopters negligent in the Gulf of Mexico crash and awarded Mr. Pace $2.6 million (Pace v. Houston Helicopters, Inc. – (Attorneys Fees: $820,000; Expenses: $117,502.70).

The Mississippi Department of Transportation concluded the ports throughout the state account for 30,000 direct or indirect jobs and contribute well over $1 billion to the state’s economy. We offer a free and honest claim evaluation to anyone seeking help after a maritime injury. Contact us to discuss representation on a contingency fee basis. You do not owe any fees unless we help you recover compensation.

Injured in Mississippi Waters?

Our coverage extends to all Mississippi waterways:

  • We cover commerce and travel on the Mississippi River, Tennessee River, Pearl River, Big Black River, Hatchie River, and other rivers across all of Mississippi.
  • Property damage and business interruption because of a hurricane, oil spill, or other catastrophic event.
  • We cover commercial fishing boat accidents and other activities in Bay St Louis, Biloxi Bay, Pascagoula Bay, Heron Bay, the Port of Vicksburg and other waterways on or near the coast.
  • Cruise ships leaving Mississippi heading out into the Gulf of Mexico are covered under federal maritime law. Workers and passengers alike can pursue a claim in federal courts if they are injured aboard a ship in the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Business interruption claims resulting from oil spills or other negligence caused by corporations. This includes oil drilling, shipping accidents, or other operations.
  • Working on a tugboat, barge, dredge, or other vessel on the Mississippi River, Tennessee-Tombigbee (Tenn-Tom) waterway, or other water used for commerce

The best Mississippi maritime injury attorney for your case may be in a different state. Our Houston, Texas based firm, Doyle Dennis LLP Trial Lawyers, has a proven record in injury and property damage cases throughout the United States and international waters, including workers in Gulfport and Biloxi. Doyle Dennis LLP has decades of experience helping to pursue claims in maritime law. We can help you with the complicated nuances of the field that requires a specialized attorney to fully do justice to your claim.

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At Doyle Dennis LLP, we believe in working on a contingency fee basis. This means there are no up-front costs or hidden fees you have to pay when hiring our firm to represent you in your claim. Put simply, we do not get paid, unless you get paid. You are always welcome to set up a free consultation to assess the potential value of your claim. Our firm is recognized across the nation as a top maritime injury law firm. Our coverage extends to seamen injured in vessel accidents in harbors, inland waterways, and coastal waters all throughout the United States. We have helped hundreds of injured seamen, commercial fishermen, and oil workers recuperate with compensation following accidents on the water or on shore. We have represented clients all throughout the Gulf Shore and the world to reach verdicts and settlements for their benefit