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Defending the Rights of Injured Offshore Oil and Natural Gas Workers

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Gulf Coast Lawyers Helping Offshore Workers Worldwide

The exploration and production of oil and gas plays an important role in the economy of the Gulf Coast and Texas. The drilling industry creates thousands of well-paying jobs locally and for those working oil fields around the world, from the waters of the Gulf of Mexico to Alaska, West Africa, South Africa, the North Sea, Antarctica and beyond.

Our lawyers know the ins and outs of the offshore industry. We understand the duties and details of oil and gas drilling, exploration and production, related industries and the general operations involved.

Please contact us for legal guidance after an injury or death in the family. Doyle Dennis Avery LLP understands the dangers faced and accidents encountered by offshore workers.

Our experience and abilities can be an incredible benefit to your pursuit of monetary compensation. As an offshore worker you are covered by maritime laws, including the Jones Act. You have the right to certain compensation and benefits after an on the job injury. If you need help in getting what you deserve we can help you.

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International Litigators and Negotiators with Knowledge of Your Job

Our team is equipped to investigate life changing injuries throughout the maritime industry. Whether the injury occurred on a fixed platform, support or supply vessel, transportation craft, pipe laying barge, drilling rig, tanker, dive boat or elsewhere, we will take the necessary steps to build a successful claim. Our attorneys will consider all appropriate avenues of legal recourse for just claims. We have attained positive outcomes for workers injured on many continents and in waters thousands of miles from our main office in Houston, Texas.

Our many successful cases include:

  • A jury verdict of seven-figures and substantial monetary compensation for a seismic gun mechanic aboard a WesternGeco vessel. Our client suffered cervical disk (spinal) injuries and a head injury while working aboard the vessel.
  • Burch v. WesternGeco Resources (Schlumberger) –  Jury Verdict: $1.6 million. (Attorney’s Fees: $472,500; Expenses $61,135.03)
  • A several million-dollar jury verdict, followed by a subsequent settlement for a mooring master. Our client suffered knee and spine injuries while in a personnel basket transfer from one ship to another.
  • Norfleet v. Chemikalien Seetransport and Heidenreich Marine –  Jury Verdict: $4.5 million. (Attorney’s Fees: $1,860,000; Expenses: $105,452.29)
  • Many other positive financial outcomes for hundreds of maritime clients. Our cases have involved pipeline accidents, defective machinery, tank and other explosions, falls due to negligence, toxic exposure to tank fumes, confined spaced aboard vessels, transportation accidents and other offshore oil and natural gas accidents.

Employing Doyle Dennis Avery LLP gives your case the backing of a well-respected, experienced and successful firm. General personal injury or even good maritime attorneys may not have the specific offshore industry experience to expertly pursue your claim.

Our aggressive negotiations and tenacious litigation in court for injured offshore oil workers has earned us nationwide recognition for our abilities. We have helped workers injured close to us in the Gulf Coast to foreign waters far away. Our industry-specific knowledge can help you pursue monetary compensation after a work injury. Contact our experienced offshore oil and gas attorneys for a free consultation today. We work on a contingency fee basis. You do not pay us unless we help you recover monetary compensation. We choose this arrangement because we believe in the strength of our clients and the claims we pursue.