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Explosion & Burn Injuries

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Explosion & Burn Injuries

Explosions encountered by offshore workers often leave agonizing physical pain and suffering, along with expensive medical bills and rehabilitation difficulties. Recovering after an explosion, whether physically or financially, can take much longer than you would like or need. Treating burns and other injuries from explosions can often put you out of work while you rack up costs.

The attorneys at Doyle LLP Trial Lawyers want to put their vast experience in complex offshore litigation to work on your behalf. While it is our hope that after a fire or explosion your employer and insurer will provide the necessary aid, this almost never happens. If you find they are denying legitimate claims or not offering adequate compensation for your needs, please contact us now to discuss your claim.

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Our attorneys have achieved past success in numerous burn and explosion cases, including:

  •   A Texas family distressed after a hot water heater exploded and set fire to their home. We were able to show the explosion was caused by faulty installation and a defective product.
  •   A worker harmed after a refinery exploded in Houston. The claim settled.

Explosion and burn injury claims require detailed investigations to prove liability and extensive research to show the damages, impact and costs for a victim. Injured employees from explosions and burns probably need an attorney well experienced in insurance bad faith and workers’ compensation.

Experience in Serious Injury and Insurance Claims

Medical treatment and recovery from explosions can be extremely tough physically and very costly as well. We understand you and family will not only worry about you physical well-being, but also your financial situation. The attorneys at Doyle LLP Trial Lawyers have extensive research in explosion accidents resulting in burn injuries. We can use our experience to answer your pending questions and guide you through difficult legal processes. Our team will fight to enable you to recover physically and financially after an explosion, whether on land or at sea. 

Contact our experienced explosion and burn attorneys today to receive a free consultation to answer pending questions and review your case. We offer legal counsel on a contingency basis. You will not pay our attorneys unless we can guide you to a successful outcome.