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Doyle Dennis Avery LLP

Our Maritime Trial Lawyers’ firm is a bold, powerful force for the individuals, families and groups of common interest that we represent. Our team is highly credentialed and tailored to succeed so that ultimately we can make a meaningful difference for those who place their trust in Doyle Dennis Avery LLP.

From Mike Doyle’s proven trial record to Patrick Dennis’ deep knowledge of insurance law and case-building strategy, we have justified confidence in what our law firm can accomplish on your behalf.

Results and Accomplishments Tell Our Story Best

Throughout the legal profession, our Maritime Trial Lawyers have been consistently recognized for their excellence in the areas of maritime, insurance, and international law, including a long list of awards and accolades. In countless cases across our practice areas — many times against the odds — we have delivered an end result that vastly improved the financial futures of our clients.

Please contact us today if you have either been seriously injured or if you are an attorney looking for skilled representation for a client with a maritime, international, insurance bad faith, or personal injury claim.

For more detailed information on any of our maritime lawyers’ education, background, and achievement please read the attorneys profiles.


Why Choose Us

Maritime Lawyers

Our Maritime Trial Lawyers have successfully resolved hundreds of domestic and international maritime injury claims through negotiation and courtroom litigation. 

International Maritime Injuries

International work injury cases can be challenging to investigate and pursue, but we have structured our firm to handle challenging cases that other attorneys may turn down due to complexity and potential costs. Our firm has an international practice.

Offshore Injury Lawyers

We pride ourselves on our knowledge of the maritime industry. You will not have to spend time explaining your occupation like you would with an attorney lacking experience in the field.

Offshore Rig Injuries

The attorneys at Doyle Dennis Avery LLP have experience in drilling rig accidents and will fight to get you the full amount of monetary compensation you deserve.

Jones Act Lawyers

The attorneys at Doyle Dennis Avery LLP can provide you guidance and comfort while navigating the path to a potential recovery for your claim.

Maintenance And Cure Lawyers

The Jones Act burden for claims is easier to prove than other worker’s compensation claims but the number of benefits can be smaller than typical worker’s compensation benefits.



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