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Barge & Tugboat Injuries Attorneys

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Helping workers from New Orleans and Corpus Christi, to Tampa and Mobile

Tugboats are designed for incredible towing and fuel capacity which leads to dangers for their crew. Handling lines, crowded decks, heavy machinery and other hazards put the wellbeing of crews in jeopardy daily. The hazards and danger only increase when tugboats work with heavy vessels such as barges.

Workers injured by barge & tugboat accidents are protected by federal laws which allow Doyle Dennis Avery LLP to pursue compensation for injuries and death. Our success in handling claims for clients injured on inland waterways or at sea speaks for itself. We have helped hundreds or hard-working seamen injured while doing their job. The Jones Act allows for negligence claims including for the unjust death of a family member.

Experienced Lawyers for all types of Barge and Tugboat Accidents

Our Houston based firm handles various claims for barge and tugboat injuries involving:
  • Parting tow lines
  • Cluttered or slippery decks
  • Trips and Falls on deck or overboard
  • Improperly staffed vessels
  • Crew Negligence
  • Machine and Equipment Failure
  • Heavy tie lines

Tugboats are primarily designed for their abilities, rather than crew safety. Small decks and close encounters with tie lines attached to heavy barges leads to many potential injuries. Most injuries occur because of the incredible danger handling lines between a tugboat and massive vessels and barges. Severe injuries aboard tugboats can end careers and lives. Our lawyers aim to recover everything you are owed after an accident.

Contact us if you suffered barge & tugboat injuries or the death of a loved one working on a tugboat, barge or any maritime vessel. You can count on our experienced and skilled maritime injury attorneys for dedicated and skilled legal representation.