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Maritime Lawyer

Maritime Lawyer

Offshore, high sea, and dockside workers face numerous dangers not seen by land-based laborers. For this reason, employees in maritime related fields are entitled to many additional protections and benefits not afforded to their land-based counterparts. Federal law including the Jones Act, the Long shore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act, the Outer Continental Shelf Land’s Act, the Defense Base Act, and the general maritime law provide protection and compensation for maritime laborers. While the variety of laws for the maritime industry open many avenues for recovery, it also creates a complex and confusing maze to most attorneys. To give yourself the best opportunity to recover from your losses, it is very important to employ an experienced and skilled maritime lawyer like Doyle LLP Trial lawyers. We have helped hundreds of injured international and domestic maritime workers recover compensation after an injury on the job. We encourage you to trust our dedication to fighting for your maritime claim today.

Benefits of Working with a maritime lawyer at Doyle LLP

  • Our Maritime Lawyer has decades of experience in aggressively pursuing offshore injury and Jones Act cases
  • We have a track record of swiftly pursuing maritime cases to get the best recovery as soon as possible
  • We have won millions for clients involved in offshore injury and Jones Act cases
  • We have a track record of taking offshore injury and Jones Act cases to trial and winning
  • Offshore companies and their insurers know our history of success, which translates to getting the best results for our clients time and time again

Lawsuits Against Maritime Employers

Some attorneys earn a great living by investing limited effort in a claim and encouraging their clients to accept a quick settlement offer. Unfortunately, these attorneys and other legal advisors usually have limited or no experience in maritime law. The settlements they advise clients to accept almost always vastly undervalue the true value of the claim.

Doyle LLP Trial Lawyers, a respected Gulf Coast firm with global reach and history of success has skillfully handled hundreds of maritime injury cases. Our proven record and considerable experience with maritime law allows us to fight against wealthy corporate opponents in complex litigation.

Our firm prides itself on putting great effort into understanding our clients and their family’s goals with their claim. We can offer dedicated and determined service to fully investigate your justified claim. Our record of service and abilities can provide you comfort and trust that your claim is being handled properly by a qualified maritime lawyer.

Employers and Insurers often fight claims aggressively. We have battled them successfully in the past and will continue to fight them in the future. Our team will dedicate ourselves to giving you the best chance at recovery and pursuing all legitimate avenues of the law.

Once you decide to contact our Maritime Lawyer at Doyle LLP Trial Maritime Lawyers, you can trust you will get straightforward explanations and advice on pursuing claims. We can help address your worries and anxiety about how you will continue throughout the complex process. From our years of experience, we understand how to help clients recover after an injury or death. Financial concerns about how to provide for a family while not working may be on your mind and will be of great importance to us. That is why we fight to achieve a settlement in the most efficient and quickest ways possible.

To pursue claims we will put great effort into investigating your employer and all the causes of your injury. Employer incidents and behavior can help us create the strongest possible case to recover financial compensation under maritime laws, including the Jones Act or the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act.

Our firm works with clients on a contingency fee basis. Legal costs and other fees will be covered by us and only paid if we help clients recover. By working on a “no win, no fee” basis we can ensure clients we are serious about helping their claims succeed.

After mutually agreeing to pursue a claim, you can trust us to keep you well informed and reassured throughout the process. The financial risk of the trial will be on us because we only take cases in which we strongly believe in our clients and the strength of their claims.


The lawyers at Doyle LLP have vast experience in offshore claims and understand numerous federal maritime laws, such as the Jones Act law, that apply to offshore claims. Our Texas firm works every day to help clients across state lines and international borders in their maritime accident claims

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