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Dive Boat Injuries. Commercial Diving Injuries

From our base in Texas we have handled dive boat injuries claims originating close to us in the Gulf of Mexico, as well as all over the world. Doyle Dennis Avery LLP has earned great respect for our success in complicated maritime injury claims. Our lawyers use their skill and experience with the Jones Act and other maritime laws to the benefit of our clients. We understand which laws apply and offer recourse for a diving injury, dive boat accident, serious injury or death at sea.

Contact us for legal counsel you can trust on for sincere care and desire to help you recover. Many dangers facing professional divers and dive boat employees are accepted and known, but employers must be held accountable for their negligence and safety failures.

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A Successful Record in Litigation for Maritime Accidents

Diving and dive boat accidents that ended your career or seriously injured you can be extremely difficult to investigate. Our experience in all aspects of the oil business and maritime industry has given us highly useful and relevant knowledge for diving claims. Our past work and relationships with experts can prove crucial in your pursuit of financial compensation that can improve or save your future.

We have familiarity with the dangers and necessary safety measures for dive boat operations involving:

  •  Maintenance of pipelines and seabed well work that exposes workers to accidents ranging from burns to drowning and other severe injuries 
  • Underwater construction and deconstruction of offshore activities
  • High risk dives that can cause brain injuries or death if equipment fails or malfunctions
  • The shutdown of pipelines which requires the release of highly combustible gas into tanks on a dive boat

Pursuing Compensation to Help You Recover Physically and Financially

We have earned great admiration in Houston and around the legal for our commitment to extensive research and case-building. Our firm understands the implications a severe injury has on your future. We put intense effort in determining economic calculations essential to pursuing monetary recovery in a case. The ability of an individual or family to recover compensation in a case may determine the stability of their future, so we do not take this for granted.

Please call 713-571-1146 or e-mail us now to set up a consultation with a capable and willing maritime lawyer to help you wherever in the world your accident occurred.