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Maritime Injury Lawyers

Jones Act Lawyers

The Maritime lawyers at Doyle Dennis LLP have vast experience in maritime law and offshore claims and understand numerous federal maritime laws, such as the Jones Act, that apply to offshore claims. Our Texas firm works every day to help clients across state lines and international borders in their maritime accident claims. We may be the most focused and qualified firm to evaluate and act on your  maritime injury claim. Our practice areas are:

  • Maritime Law, Maritime Injuries, Maritime Accidents
  • Offshore Injury, Longshoreman Rights, Seaman Injury
  • Jones Act, Maintenance and Cure
  • Oil Rig Explosions, Oil Spill Claims

Firm Overview

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Contact our Houston, Texas-based law firm today. We handle serious offshore injury claims all along the Gulf Coast and beyond.

What Is Maritime Law ?

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Contact our Doyle Dennis LLP Houston, Texas-based law firm today. We handle serious maritime claims all along the Gulf Coast and beyond.

Jones Act – Federal Law

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The Jones Act lawyers at Doyle Dennis LLP represent people working on marine vessels in the Gulf Coast region from Texas to Florida.

What Is Jones Act Law ?

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The Jones Act is a federal law that protects crew members who are injured aboard a vessel

International Work Injuries

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Our firm has the ability to represent individuals regardless of where their incidents happened.

What Is My Case Worth?

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What is your case worth only gets answered by a jury. What we will tell you is as soon as we gather the evidence.

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Longshoreman Rights

Doyle Dennis LLP has a solid knowledge of longshore employees and other maritime workers’ rights. Through analysis and


Jones Act Lawyer

Our Jones Act Lawyer at Doyle Dennis LLP will pursue your case with precision to get the maximum compensation you ...


Maritime Lawyer

Maritime accidents are often unforeseen and unfortunately common due to working with large machinery and in difficult co


Offshore Accidents Lawyer

Our Offshore Accidents Lawyers have decades of experience in aggressively pursuing offshore injury and Jones Act cases.


Offshore Injury Lawyer

Offshore Injury Lawyer At Doyle Dennis LLP Trial Lawyers, our law firm prides ourselves on our knowledge of the maritime


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