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Alaska Maritime Injury Lawyers

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Alaska Maritime Injury Lawyers

Our Alaska Maritime Injury Lawyers help recover compensation, maintenance and cure for seamen and their families.

The coastline and inland waterways of Alaska are known internationally for commercial fishing vessels and oil tankers crowding the waters, including in Anchorage, Dutch Harbor, and Kodiak. Each year, thousands of workers head out to work on vessels in some of the most dangerous waters in the world. Oil platforms, refineries and harbors in Alaska provide millions of barrels of oil and other products to the rest of the United States and countries worldwide. Fishing vessels and processing ships frequent the Alaskan seas providing food for many

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National Representation for Maritime Injury Claims

If you were injured or lost a love one in an accident in Alaskan waters, you are allowed to pursue monetary compensation from the ship owner and negligent parties under American maritime laws such as the Jones Act. We have had success in helping clients receive compensation from injury disputes in Alaskan waters, including in claims against Kirby Corporation.

The claims process for maritime injuries requires comprehensive court knowledge and can be confusing. The maritime lawyers at Doyle Dennis LLP Trial Lawyers have been successfully navigating the legal waters of Alaska maritime injury law for numerous years. Our Gulf Coast offices in Galveston and Houston, Texas have spent great time dealing with maritime injury claims.

Jones Act claims are handled in state and federal courts, which allows injured seamen to choose national admiralty law firms to represent them. Our work with local maritime law firms in Alaska allow us to provide greater knowledge and accessibility to an already confusing area of law.

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Our firm’s hard earned international reputation as a top American maritime law firm has come from representing injured seamen across the nation. From our offices in Galveston and Houston, Texas we successfully helped hundreds of seamen injured in coastal waters, inland waterways and harbors throughout the country. We have recovered compensation, maintenance and cure for seamen and their families to help them heal after a devastating accident

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Contact us for the answers you need and deserve after a maritime injury in Alaska. Our knowledgeable and experienced attorney provide free initial consultations to discuss your claims. We handle all our maritime injury cases on a contingency fee basis. You will not pay attorneys’ fees unless you recover compensation from our help.