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Alaska Maritime Injury Lawyers

Doyle Dennis Avery LLP is a trusted law firm that is dedicated to assisting injured Jones Act maritime workers and families of those who have suffered fatalities in maritime accidents. Our experienced attorneys have a thorough understanding of the complexities involved in maritime law and will work tirelessly to ensure that our clients receive the compensation they deserve. If you are an injured maritime worker or a family member of a deceased maritime worker, we are here to support you every step of the way.

Alaska has an extensive coastline spanning over 6,000 miles and a thriving maritime industry that includes commercial fishing, shipping, and oil and gas exploration. If you have been injured while working in the inland, harbor, or coastal waters of Alaska as a commercial fisherman, international merchant mariner, vessel crew or other maritime based job, you may be eligible for compensation under the Jones Act.

Navigating the legal process to obtain compensation can be challenging and complex, requiring a detailed understanding of maritime law and court procedures. Our team has the expertise and resources to work with local counsel in Alaska, and we are committed to providing our clients with the highest level of legal representation.

We have successfully recovered compensation for dozens of injured workers in the maritime industry, and we understand the impact that maritime injuries can have on our clients’ lives. Our Alaska maritime accident lawyers will work with you to assess your claim and ensure that you receive fair and swift treatment throughout the legal process.

At Doyle Dennis Avery LLP, we recognize that the risks of injury are constant in the maritime industry, and we are committed to advocating for victims of maritime accidents. If you have been injured in a maritime accident in Alaska, contact us for a free consultation. Let us put our experience and resources to work for you and help you recover the compensation you deserve.

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Alaska Offshore Injuries and the Jones Act: Your Legal Options

The Jones Act, a pivotal federal legislation enacted in 1920, offers essential safeguards for seafarers who suffer injuries while carrying out their duties aboard a vessel. The law extends to injuries sustained in navigable waterways within the United States, including the high seas. It empowers seamen to pursue recompense from their employer for any harm endured, including medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering.

The Jones Act protects seamen in the maritime industry, including those working on unmoored offshore platforms owned and operated by American corporations, generally regardless of their location in the water. This ensures that seamen have legal recourse and compensation for injuries sustained on the job. The Act’s provisions promote the safety and well-being of maritime workers and also support the U.S. maritime industry by promoting the use of American-owned vessels and creating jobs.

Determining whether the Jones Act applies to an offshore injury involves evaluating critical factors such as the worker’s job duties, time spent on the vessel, and relationship with the owner/operator. Additionally, assessing whether the injury occurred on a vessel or offshore platform in navigable US waters or under US corporate employ in foreign or international waters and evaluating the worker’s overall contribution to the mission or function of the vessel or platform is crucial. By carefully evaluating these factors, workers can determine their eligibility for legal protection and compensation for their offshore injury.

If the conditions are met, the Jones Act can provide a legal framework for pursuing damages and allow workers to take legal action against their employer. However, navigating the complex legal landscape surrounding the Jones Act can be challenging, making it advisable to hire an expert maritime attorney to guide workers on the most appropriate course of action for their case. A skilled attorney can help workers understand their rights under the law and provide the necessary guidance and representation to ensure the best possible outcome for their case.

It is important to remember the Jones Act only applies to seamen, a specific category of maritime workers who play a crucial role in the function or mission of a vessel or platform. These workers spend a significant amount of their working hours on tasks related to the maintenance, repair, and operation of the vessel or platform. If you sustained an injury while working in the maritime industry but do not qualify as a seaman, other statutes like the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act (LHWCA) may provide compensation.

For seamen who have suffered an injury while working on a vessel or offshore platform, the Jones Act provides a legal avenue to seek compensation from their employer. However, to ensure that seamen receive the compensation they deserve, it’s crucial to engage an experienced maritime attorney, like those at Doyle Dennis Avery LLP. Our firm can help seamen understand the specific regulations governing their case and determine the best approach to pursue their claims. With our expertise and guidance, seamen can increase their chances of a favorable outcome for their case.

Who is considered a ‘seaman’ under the Jones Act?

The Jones Act is a federal law that provides maritime workers, commonly known as “seamen,” with the right to sue their employers for personal injury damages sustained on the job. However, determining who qualifies as a seaman under the Jones Act is not always straightforward.

To be considered a seaman, an individual must primarily work as a crewmember or captain on a vessel that is “in navigation.” A vessel is considered “in navigation” if it is afloat, capable of moving, and operating on navigable waters. Navigable waters refer to waterways that can be used for interstate or foreign commerce, including oceans, rivers, and lakes that are connected to other navigable waters. However, not all vessels are considered “in navigation” under the Jones Act. For instance, permanently anchored floating structures, such as moored casino barges that do not move, are generally not considered vessels under the Jones Act.

In addition to working on a vessel “in navigation,” an individual must also contribute to the work of the vessel. This means performing duties that support the vessel’s overall mission, such as operating machinery, maintaining equipment, and providing services to passengers or cargo. The individual must also spend a significant amount of time working on the vessel or a fleet of vessels. Generally, a minimum of 30% of the employee’s total employment time must be spent on the vessel or fleet to qualify as a seaman.

In conclusion, to be considered a seaman under the Jones Act, an individual must primarily work on a vessel “in navigation,” contribute to the work of the vessel, and spend a significant amount of time working on the vessel or fleet. If there is any doubt about whether an individual qualifies as a seaman, it is recommended to seek advice from a maritime attorney. Contact Doyle Dennis Avery LLP to evaluate your Jones Act legal status today.

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Alaska Maritime Law: Why an Experienced Maritime Attorney is Essential for Your Legal Needs

Navigating the intricate legal landscape of the maritime industry can be challenging, particularly if you are not well-versed in the specialized laws and regulations that govern it. That’s where a maritime injury attorney comes in. These attorneys have extensive experience and expertise in this area of law and can provide tailored legal advice and representation to meet your needs.

One of the key benefits of working with a maritime attorney is their in-depth knowledge of the applicable laws and regulations, such as the Jones Act, which provides legal remedies for seamen who are injured or killed on the job. An experienced attorney can help you understand your legal rights and work to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve.

At Doyle Dennis Avery LLP, our attorneys have a proven track record of success in navigating the complexities of maritime law and helping our clients achieve favorable outcomes in their cases. If you have been injured in a maritime accident, contact us for a free consultation. We can provide the expert legal advice and representation you need to protect your rights and achieve a successful outcome.

Our Past Alaska Maritime Cases Include:

$2.56 Million Verdict in Pike v. SeaRiver Maritime, Inc.
  • (Reduced on appeal to $2,141,716.75)
  • Claims: Jones Act/Negligence/Unseaworthiness 
  • When a major U.S. shipping company refused to honor its responsibilities to a long-time maritime employee who suffered career-ending injuries as a result of a fall on a tanker in the Gulf of Alaska, Doyle Dennis Avery LLP took the case to trial. A Texas jury returned a verdict for the client of over $2.56 million. 

We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to learn more about what we can offer you. By clicking through to our Significant Cases Page, you’ll gain insight into how we’ve successfully helped our clients in the past. Please note that while these are real examples of our work, the results achieved were dependent on the unique circumstances of each case.

Compensation for Alaska Maritime Injuries: What You Deserve

Alaska’s bustling maritime industry sees a constant influx of vessels ranging from small tugboats to massive cargo ships. As per federal law, vessel owners are obligated to maintain a safe working environment for their maritime workers. However, despite the best efforts of vessel owners and their crew, accidents can still occur, resulting in injuries or even fatalities. In such cases, the vessel owner is required by law to provide immediate medical care and cover the expenses for the injured worker’s medical recovery and financial losses. This legal obligation, known as “maintenance and cure,” is applicable regardless of the cause of the injury and guarantees that American maritime workers are entitled to adequate support from their employers.

Maintenance and cure are two distinct types of compensation that injured maritime workers are entitled to receive from their employer. It’s important to note that maintenance payments may not always cover the full extent of the injured worker’s living expenses, as they are intended to cover basic expenses such as rent, food, and utilities. On the other hand, the cure component is intended to cover the full cost of medical expenses incurred during the recovery period. Regardless of the extent of the coverage, the employer’s obligation to provide maintenance and cure remains constant until the injured worker reaches maximum medical improvement.

It’s important to note that maintenance and cure can be claimed separately from a Jones Act claim, which is an additional claim that can be made if the injury or accident was caused by negligence. Negligence can be defined as any action or inaction that falls below the standard of care expected in a given situation. Negligence can take many forms, including unseaworthiness, which occurs when a vessel is not reasonably fit for its intended purpose, resulting in unsafe conditions on the vessel. This also includes any malfunctioning tools or equipment used in the course of work on the vessel. If you have been injured as a result of negligence, it’s important to seek the assistance of an experienced admiralty attorney, who can help you navigate the complex nature of maritime law and pursue financial compensation for your injury or illness.

We represent injured seamen nationwide. Contact us for a free consultation.
Maritime workers who are injured on a vessel within Alaska’s coastal boundaries should seek legal representation from experienced Alaska maritime accident lawyers at Doyle Dennis Avery LLP. Since admiralty law can fall under both federal and state court jurisdiction, it’s important to work with a law firm that has the resources and expertise to handle complex maritime matters. Doyle Dennis Avery LLP has the experience and knowledge necessary to help you seek the compensation you deserve for your injuries. Don’t wait to take action – contact our firm today to schedule a free consultation!

The Benefits of Hiring an Experienced Alaska Maritime Attorney

If you find yourself facing a maritime legal issue, whether it’s an offshore injury, death of a loved one on the high seas, or other related matter, having an experienced attorney on your side is crucial. Our Alaska Maritime attorneys can provide you with the support and guidance you need to navigate the complex world of maritime law. With a track record of securing multimillion dollar judgements and settlements, our team has the knowledge and experience necessary to help you maximize the value of your claim. Below, we’ll explore the benefits of hiring an Alaska Maritime attorney and how they can help you achieve a successful outcome.

Maximizing Your Rights: How Alaska Maritime Attorneys Can Help You

  •  Navigating the Complexities of Filing your Case
    Filing a maritime injury claim in Alaska can be a complicated process. It’s crucial to have an experienced maritime attorney by your side to guide you through the intricate web of maritime laws and regulations. An adept Alaska maritime lawyer can help you understand the nuances of the law and offer valuable insights on the laws that apply to your case. They can also ensure that your case is filed in the appropriate jurisdiction, a vital factor in the success of your lawsuit. By working with a seasoned admiralty attorney, you can significantly enhance your chances of securing a favorable outcome for your case.
  •  Navigating the Discovery Process
    In any maritime case, obtaining evidence is crucial to building a strong case. Our team of experienced Alaska Maritime Attorneys can help you chart your course through the often complex and challenging discovery process. With decades of experience in maritime litigation, we understand the tactics used to hinder discovery and impede your access to crucial information. We provide invaluable guidance and support throughout the process, ensuring that you have the best possible chance of success. Don’t let a lack of evidence impact your case – contact our team today for expert legal assistance in navigating the maritime legal landscape.
  •  Maximizing the Value of Depositions
    During a maritime lawsuit in Alaska, having a skilled attorney by your side during depositions is crucial. Our experienced Alaska Maritime Attorneys can depose defendants in a rigorous and dedicated manner that gets to the heart of the matter. We provide valuable insights into the potential impact of depositions on your case and help you prepare for them. Our attorneys can also help you understand the testimony of others, giving you further insights into your case. A dedicated maritime attorney will work to protect your rights and maximize the value of depositions in your case.
  •  Navigating Maritime Negotiations
    During negotiations for your maritime accident case, having an experienced legal team on your side is crucial. Our team of Alaska Maritime Attorneys has extensive experience in mediations, arbitrations, and settlements, and can provide the guidance and support you need to achieve the best possible outcome. We work closely with you to understand your unique situation and goals, and provide strategic advice to help you make informed decisions during the negotiation process. You can trust our team to be your advocate and fight tirelessly on your behalf to ensure that your rights are protected and your interests are advanced.
  •  Skilled Case Presentation at Trial
    Presenting a maritime injury case in court requires the expertise and skill of a specialized trial attorney. At Doyle Dennis Avery LLP, our attorneys work closely with leading trial research and preparation experts to refine their abilities, ensuring that they can effectively advocate for their clients. With their strategic approach and persuasive advocacy, our attorneys fight tirelessly for successful outcomes in maritime injury cases that must be resolved in court. From injuries sustained while working on a vessel to accidents that occur on the water, Doyle Dennis Avery LLP can provide the guidance and representation needed to protect your rights in the courtroom. Trust us to be your advocate and fight for the compensation you deserve.

Choosing the right attorney can be a critical decision in the outcome of your Alaska maritime case. With decades of experience and expertise, our attorneys at Doyle Dennis Avery LLP can and will navigate complex cases, fighting tirelessly to ensure you receive a fair resolution. From filing your initial claim to presenting your case in court, we provide the guidance and support you need to achieve the best possible outcome. Contact us today for a free consultation and learn how we can help you get the justice you deserve!

Expert legal representation in Alaska: What are the costs of hiring our Maritime Law Firm?”

At Doyle Dennis Avery LLP we pride ourselves on our transparent and client-friendly approach to legal representation. We understand that maritime injury claims can be complex and emotionally taxing, which is why we work on a contingency fee basis. This means that you don’t have to pay anything up-front, and we don’t charge any hidden fees or costs. We only get paid if you receive compensation for your injuries.

If you’ve been injured while working on a vessel in inland waterways, harbors, or coastal waters throughout the United States, our team of experienced maritime injury attorneys is here to help. We offer free consultations, so you can discuss your potential claim with us and get a clear understanding of your legal options.

Our reputation as a first-class maritime injury law firm extends far beyond Alaska. From our home base in Houston, we have represented clients around the world. We have helped dozens of injured seamen, commercial fishermen, and offshore oil workers recover the compensation they deserve following accidents on the water.

Free Consultation · Contingency Fee Basis · Nationwide Representation
At Doyle Dennis Avery LLP we believe that every injured worker deserves access to top-notch legal representation, regardless of their financial situation. That’s why we are proud to offer our services on a contingency fee basis, and why we are always here to help you navigate the complex world of maritime injury claims. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.

Get Legal Help from Experienced Maritime Trial Attorneys – Schedule Your Free Consultation Now!

At Doyle Dennis Avery LLP, our accomplished maritime trial lawyers are dedicated to providing our clients with top-notch legal representation. We take pride in guiding our clients through complex litigation matters, and we understand that the maritime industry has its own set of unique laws and protections. As a result, our attorneys have a vast amount of experience litigating in courtrooms and handling complex maritime cases. We’re confident in our ability to provide you with excellent guidance and advice.

We specialize in handling maritime cases and have effectively represented several dozen clients throughout the world in the past. Our attorneys are highly knowledgeable in maritime rules and regulations, and have the necessary expertise to help you navigate the complexities of such cases. At Doyle Dennis Avery LLP, our commitment to our clients is unmatched, and we work tirelessly to ensure that their rights are protected. We understand that every case is unique and requires a personalized strategy, which is why we take the time to listen to our clients’ concerns and tailor our expertise accordingly.

If you’ve been injured in an Alaska offshore accident, we urge you not to hesitate to call us. We offer a free consultation, and our attorneys will be happy to evaluate your situation and provide you with an honest diagnosis of your legal options. We’re passionate about what we do and are dedicated to helping our clients get the justice they deserve.

Don’t wait any longer to seek the legal representation you need. Contact Doyle Dennis Avery LLP today and let us help you navigate through this difficult time. Our attorneys are ready to fight for your claim and provide you with the support and guidance you need. Call us now to schedule your free consultation.