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American Offshore Accident Lawyers

American Offshore Accident Lawyers

Our Offshore Accident Lawyers at Doyle LLP, based in Houston and Galveston, Texas, have proven their ability to act for victims of offshore accidents in United States and international waters. We understand the numerous risks faced by maritime workers and the obligations of their employers. The lawyers at Doyle LLP have vast experience in offshore claims and understand numerous federal maritime laws, such as the Jones Act, that apply to offshore claims.

Versatility to Handle Jones Act Claims and Severe Property Damage Litigation

Our hard work has helped many injured oil workers, seamen, coastal workers and business owners recover compensation for their injuries or damages from maritime activities. Recently, the BP and Transocean (Deepwater Horizon) oil spill has shown us maritime accidents far off the coast cause devastating property damage and financial losses to people throughout the Gulf Coast. Contact us to discuss claims regarding:

  • Serious maritime injuries or the death of a family member resulting from a maritime accident in American, Foreign, or International Waters
  • A financial claim against corporations such as BP for business losses and property damage due to offshore activities

Real Legal Help for People Hurt in the Gulf Coast or Elsewhere

Equipped with comprehensive knowledge of the Jones Act, insurance laws, personal injury claims, and relevant maritime laws, we have earned a reputation for achieving positive results for our clients at trial and through aggressive negotiations. Our battle tested attorneys frequently manage claims all around the world. We welcome claims in American, foreign and international waters.

Our numerous case successes in maritime claims undoubtedly exhibit our ability and commitment to obtaining positive results for our clients. If you are injured while working along the Gulf Coast or any other U.S. waterway and worried about your future, please contact our respected firm. Doyle LLP Trial Lawyers can evaluate and assist you in getting what you deserve.

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