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Doyle Dennis LLP sues Team Trident, LLC and Island Offshore X KS

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Doyle Dennis LLP has filed a lawsuit against Team Trident, LLC and Island Offshore X KS in Harris County, Texas on behalf of its client. This legal action seeks to recover damages for the injuries and losses sustained by the client due to the negligent conduct of the defendants. The client’s foot and general body was severely injured when it was crushed by a 12,500 lbs. spool, and the long-term effects of this injury are likely to be significant. As dedicated legal professionals, we are passionate about fighting for our clients’ rights and ensuring that they receive the justice and compensation they deserve. Doyle Dennis LLP is committed to holding negligent parties accountable and helping our clients move forward with their lives. We provide our clients with the personalized support and guidance they need throughout the legal process, and we are proud to be their advocates and allies.


On or about June 11, 2021, Doyle Dennis LLP’s client was a Jones Act seaman assigned to the vessel of the defendants, the “Island Victory.”  Defendants Team Trident, LLC and Island Offshore X KS, through their employees and officers, were negligent in creating the dangerous conditions that proximately caused the client’s injuries. They failed to provide adequate crew and equipment, failed to supervise and train the crew, and neglected their duties in other ways. As a result of these negligent actions, the client suffered painful and debilitating bodily injuries. These injuries will likely have long-term effects on the client’s health and wellbeing, and they are entitled to seek compensation for the damages they have sustained.


Doyle Dennis LLP’s client brought this cause of action against Team Trident, LLC and Island Offshore X KS in order to recover the damages suffered due to emotional and physical injuries and other economic damages suffered and endured by him as a consequence of the negligent acts of Team Trident, LLC and Island Offshore X KS. The defendants established unsafe means of egress/ingress to its vessel owned and operated by Team Trident, LLC and Island Offshore X KS. As a result of the negligent conduct of the defendants, it resulted in our client’s foot to be crushed by a 12,500 lbs. spool. This case is also brought under general maritime law to recover for willful and wrongful denial of maintenance and cure due and owed to the client of Doyle Dennis LLP. For these reasons, among others outlined in the lawsuit, are the basis of this lawsuit and injuries sustained by our client.


Prior to the incident in question, Doyle Dennis LLP’s client was a healthy and able-bodied seaman working for Team Trident, LLC and Island Offshore X KS. However, due to the negligent actions of these companies and their employees, our client has suffered physical pain, mental anguish, and other damages. These injuries are likely to affect the client for the rest of their life. Doyle Dennis LLP will now fight on behalf of our client to recover damages for their past and future physical pain and mental anguish, loss of earnings and earning capacity, and any medical expenses incurred as a result of the incident. The nature and severity of the client’s injuries necessitate ongoing medical treatment, and we will seek to hold the defendants accountable for the cost of these treatments.

Offshore workers play a crucial role in the global economy, and as such, they are entitled to significant legal protections under general maritime law, admiralty law, the Jones Act, and Section 905(b). These laws were enacted to ensure that offshore workers are protected and compensated for any injuries they sustain while performing their duties. At Doyle Dennis LLP, our attorneys have substantial legal knowledge and decades of experience successfully representing injured offshore workers. If you were injured offshore, we invite you to contact our firm for a free evaluation of your claim. Our attorneys are dedicated to helping offshore workers understand their rights and secure the compensation they are entitled to receive. Call us today to discuss your claim.