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Alabama Maritime Accident Lawyers

Alabama Maritime Accident Lawyers

Our Alabama maritime accident lawyers will provide you with answers and help you recover compensation from a maritime injury or wrongful death on or near the sea. Our decades of experience within the field can help you and your family deal with the complicated nature of maritime law. We use this experience on a day to day basis helping our clients pursue claims for benefits that they are entitled to under general maritime law. Put simply, we can help you and your family be in the best position going forward to receive additional compensation due to negligence that may have incurred your injury or wrongful death. Across many different maritime jobs on a variety of vessels, Doyle LLP can help with your specific issue to look for possible compensation. We can share our knowledge accrued from years of experience to look for benefits you are entitled to. Maritime workers are a vital part of Alabama’s economy. Their contributions to oil and gas, travel, fishing, and a variety of other industries being an essential benefit to all Alabama residents. These workers serve a vital role as part of Alabama’s growing economy, so helping them if they are unfortunately injured due to negligence is an essential duty that Doyle LLP can provide.

Why do I need a lawyer experienced with maritime law?

Maritime injury attorneys are a unique type of lawyer that provides expertise in a field they have learned through years of participating in it. Maritime industry is governed by highly specialized laws that make a good maritime and admiralty attorney hard to find. They often have law firms near the industry so they can have a direct line of access to the industry they work with. If you choose to hire a lawyer with little expertise in the specific field you may be selling your claim short of potential benefits that you may be entitled to receive. The Jones Act may entitle an injured or ill seaman to additional claims for unseaworthiness and negligence. Jones Act damages may include lost wages, lost future earnings, medical expenses in the past and future, pain and suffering, mental anguish and physical disability or impairment. An attorney experienced in maritime law can provide a far greater chance of a financial recovery. In short, the complicated nature of maritime law requires an attorney with years of experience to guide you in your fight every step of the way.

What am I entitled to following a maritime injury?

Vessels of every shape and size, from local tugboats to international cargo vessels, pass through Alabama waters and ports daily. Vessel owners have legal obligations to ensure the safety of maritime workers on and in contact with their vessels. If an accident causes an injury or death, federal law requires the vessel owner to provide prompt medical care and the resulting maintenance and cure for the financial losses and medical recovery. This means, no matter the cause of the injury, an American maritime employer is required to provide for the maintenance and cure. Maintenance is paid in a periodic sum that is intended to cover living expenses while you are unable to work due to an illness or injury. It covers things such as rent, transportation to and from medical providers, food, utility bills, and certain other amenities. Maintenance serves to help keep your life as normal as possible while you are recovering from your injury or illness. Cure refers to the medical expenses that you face while recovering from your illness or injury. It is your employers responsibility to provide maintenance and cure regardless if any negligence was the cause of the accident. This responsibility remains until the seaman reaches maximum medical improvement. Put simply, maximum medical improvement means as good as you are going to get. These can be claimed regardless of a separate Jones Act claim. This additional Jones Act claim can occur if negligence resulted in the injury or accident. Negligence is a wide term that covers many different situations that may have resulted in your injury. One cause of negligence is unseaworthiness which results from unsafe conditions on a vessel, including the tools and machines used in your work while operating on the vessel. An experienced admiralty attorney can help you navigate the complex nature of maritime law and help you to receive financial compensation for your injury or illness.

We represent injured seamen and their families in port cities nationwide

Seamen, oil workers, fishermen, longshoremen and other maritime workers injured on vessels or dry land within Alabama’s coastal boundaries should contact experienced Alabama maritime accident lawyers at Doyle LLP Trial Lawyers. U.S. admiralty law can fall under federal court jurisdiction as well as state court jurisdiction. This allows you to hire an experienced law firm located anywhere in the nation, provided your attorney has the resources and ability to handle complex maritime matters. Working with Doyle LLP allows you to work toward a recovery.

Injured in Alabama waters?

Our coverage extends to all Alabama waterways:

  • We cover Alabama Gulf Coast accidents in channels and ports including Mobile Bay, Bon Secour Bay, Grand Bay, Perdido Bay, Portersville Bay, Port of Mobile, the Port of Decatur, and many other waterways.
  • Commerce and travel on the Tennessee river, Chattahoochee river, Alabama river, Coosa river, Tallapoosa river, Connecuh river, and other rivers across Alabama.
  • Cruise Ships sailing out of Mobile into the Gulf of Mexico are covered under federal maritime law. Passengers or workers injured aboard a ship in the Gulf of Mexico may be able to pursue claims in federal courts if they were injured.
  • Commercial fishing boat accidents and other activities in Mobile Bay, Perdido Bay, and other locations and waterways on or near the coast.
  • Business interruption resulting from oil spills or other negligence caused by corporations. This could include oil drilling and other operations.

Doyle LLP has a long history in maritime law helping our clients fight for the verdicts and settlements they deserve. Our decades of experience within the field can help with the complicated nuances of maritime law.

Free Consultation · Contingency Fee Basis · Nationwide Representation

At Doyle LLP, there are no up-front costs or hidden fees in hiring our firm to represent you in your claim. Our firm works on a contingency fee basis. In effect, we do not get paid, unless you get paid. You are always welcome to set up a free consultation with us to help with your potential claim. Across the United States our firm is recognized as a first-class maritime injury law firm. We represent seamen injured from vessel accidents in inland waterways, harbors and coastal waters throughout the United States. We have been able to help hundreds of injured seamen, commercial fishermen and oil workers recover compensation following accidents on the water or on shore. From our home in Houston we have represented clients all throughout the Gulf Shore and the world.


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