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Alabama Maritime Accident Lawyers

Alabama Maritime Accident Lawyers

Our Alabama Maritime Accident Lawyers help recover compensation, maintenance and cure for seamen and their families.

Alabama and other Gulf Coast states possess many of the most active Gulf Coast ports in the nation in Mobile and Gulf Shores. Thousands of Alabama residents work on commercial fishing vessels, oil tankers, transport vessels, docks, the longshore, oil rigs and other maritime jobs. Those offshore workers serve an increasingly vital role in the growing Alabama economy.

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Vessels of every shape and size, from local tugboats to international cargo vessels, pass through Alabama waters and ports daily. Vessel owners have legal obligations to ensure the safety of maritime workers on and in contact with their vessels. If an accident causes an injury or death, federal law requires the vessel owner to provide prompt medical care and the resulting maintenance and cure for the financial losses and medical recovery.

We Represent Injured Seamen and Their Families in Port Cities Nationwide

Seamen, oil workers, fishermen, longshoremen and other maritime workers injured on vessels or dry land within Alabama’s coastal boundaries should contact an experienced maritime attorney at Doyle LLP Trial Lawyers. U.S. admiralty law can fall under federal court jurisdiction as well as state court jurisdiction. This allows you to hire an experienced law firm located anywhere in the nation, provided your attorney has the resources and ability handle complex maritime matters. Working with Doyle LLP allows you to work toward a recovery.

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Across the United States our firm is recognized as a first-class maritime injury law firm. We represent seamen injured from vessel accidents in inland waterways, harbors and coastal waters throughout the United States of America. We have been able to help hundreds of injured seamen, commercial fishermen and oil workers recover compensation following accidents on the water or on shore.

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Receive the information and guidance you need for your Alabama maritime injury claim. Contact us today for a free initial consultation with a lawyer on our team. We deal with all maritime injury cases on a contingency fee basis. You will not pay attorneys’ fees for your case unless you recover compensation with our help.

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