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Maritime Gangway Injuries

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Maritime Gangway Injuries

A vessel owner’s responsibility for the crew’s safety in American coastal or inland waters extends to the gangway and dockside. Injuries from boarding or disembarking a vessel can be some of the worst maritime injuries. The waves and current move the vessel frequently, and a gangway not properly secured could break loose and pin workers in between the boat and docks, cause falls and collisions with nearby equipment and cargo.

Ship owners often attempt to place the blame for injuries on the crew after accidents. Even so, they cannot refuse though to provide maintenance and cure which covers basic living and medical expenses while recovering from an injury suffered on the job. It is the vessel owner’s duty to ensure the safety of their vessel and injuries that result from their negligence to do so make them liable for resulting damages. Let us work with you to establish who is at fault for accidents and hold your employer accountable.

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If you suffered an injury while entering or exiting a commercial vessel to perform your duties, you are entitled to pursue full and fair compensation under American maritime law such as the Jones Act. An experienced trial attorney on our maritime injury team at Doyle LLP Trial Lawyers is willing and available to answer your questions. We represent all American and international maritime workers who were injured while performing their duties in American waters. From our base in Houston, Texas we have been focused on serving the Gulf Coast and American maritime law firm.
Allow us to help you pursue the compensation you deserve after suffering an injuring during a gangway accident. We represent workers and their families throughout the country. We understand this case means a lot for your future and it would only make sense to trust it with one of the nation’s top maritime personal injury law firms. You can learn more about our past success on our significant cases page.
We can provide the experience and guidance you need for an admiralty law injury claim. Contact our firm for a free initial consultation with an experienced gangway accident lawyer. We handle cases on a contingency fee basis, meaning you do not owe us anything unless we help you recover compensation.