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Line And Cable Injuries

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Line And Cable Injuries

On any type of maritime vessel crewmembers are often working with or near dozens of lines and cables. These lines and cables are often stretched close to their breaking points and can easily break after unexpected increases in tension from the volatile seas causing heaving and rolling. Due to the high risk of snapping, it makes clear sense that one of the most common accidents aboard commercial cargo, fishing or tanker vessels is broken lines. Once the lines snap they pose great danger to workers who might get seriously injured or killed by a flying line. Even if lines do not break, a loose line can whip around a ship’s deck and create imminent danger for seamen. Mooring lines soaked by water can cause some of the harshest maritime injuries. The maritime injury attorneys at Doyle Dennis Avery LLP have earned their reputation as one of the nation’s top firms in the field by fighting hard for injured maritime workers.
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If you suffer an injury after a line or cable breaks loose on a commercial vessel or from a dock anywhere in U.S. inland or coastal waters, you are entitled to pursue compensation from the vessel owner under federal maritime law. Financial damages can be recovered for medical treatment and living expenses under maintenance and cure. Lost wages may not be fully replaced but costs can be offset from requirements of maritime law, such as the Jones Act. Damages might also be available for some accidents and can receive compensation for pain and suffering, emotional distress and punitive damages.
Line and Cable Injuries often fall under the Jones Act if at sea or the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Association Act if on shore. These acts and other maritime legislation can be highly complex and confusing. This can often frustrate injured workers just trying to receive much needed compensation.
As experienced maritime injury attorneys, we can help you navigate the complex system of rules, deadlines and processes for filing claims and submitting evidence.We understand what the claims mean financially to you and your family and urge you to let us help you through the suffering and frustration. We have helped thousands of injured maritime workers receive quick and fair treatment for their claims. Our firm focuses on receiving fair compensation as quickly as possible to provide you much needed money


Doyle Dennis Avery LLP fights to have your voice heard in the complicated process and make your claim matter. From our offices in Houston and Galveston, Texas, we are respected as one of the country’s top maritime injury law firms serving clients worldwide. Federal maritime law allows our attorneys to work with local counsel on claims around the country. To give your claim the best chance at success it makes sense to employ one of the best firms, even if they are not located near you.
Please contact our firm today to speak with an experienced maritime attorney about your claim. We can walk you through the complicated process of a maritime injury claim and address your questions and concerns. You can learn about our noteworthy maritime cases on our Significant Cases page. We work on a contingency fee basis. You do not pay the firm unless we help you recover compensation.