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Texas Offshore Injury Lawyer

At Doyle LLP Trial Lawyers, we pride ourselves on our knowledge of the maritime industry. You will not have to spend time explaining your occupation like you would with an attorney lacking experience in the field. Our decades of combined experience representing injured maritime workers allows us to understand the risks and challenges of your job, as well as how to navigate the legal and personal needs of clients pursuing offshore injury claims.

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After suffering a serious maritime injury while at sea or onshore, contact Doyle LLP Trial Lawyers for an attorney that understands your needs and fights for your rights. Our former clients and track record can attest to our ability to provide individual care and intense effort for clients with valid claims. Whatever your legal concerns are after a serious maritime injury, you can trust our wise counsel.
From our offices in Houston and Galveston, Texas, we have developed a global maritime law practice on the backbone of fighting for the rights of injured offshore workers and other maritime employees.

We are well equipped to undertake nearly any type of maritime injury, such as:

  • Serious maritime injury on a cargo ship, tanker or container vessel
  • Oil rig injuries
  • Life changing accidents encountered by divers,or workers aboard vessels including dive boats and dredgers
  • Cruise ship accidents that lead to injuries for employees
  • Onshore or inland marine injury, especially for a 905(b) claim against a third party
  •   Cruise Ship employee injuries
  •   Offshore explosions leading to deaths, burns and other injuries
  •   Impact or fall leading to brain, spine, neck or back injuries
  •  Transportation accidents while traveling for leisure or to work on an offshore installation

Our attorneys have proven experience in helping maritime workers obtaining compensation after suffering an injury on the job. Doyle LLP Trial Lawyers has a firm grasp on the intricacies of maritime law and other relevant acts such as the Jones Act. We apply our skill and experience to provide an efficient and determined effort on behalf of our clients. Our experience with international litigation allows us to pursue claims for clients injured around the world. Our attorneys can provide you with a firm understanding of how to maneuver webs of complex legal claims with the highest probability of success. Choose to trust our respected attorneys with your claim by contracting Texas Offshore Injury Lawyer at Doyle LLP today.