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Texas Maritime Injury Lawyers

Texas Maritime Injury Lawyers

Our Texas Maritime Injury Lawyers will provide you with answers and help you and your family recover compensation, maintenance and cure you deserve.

Maritime workers serve a vital role in the Texas economy. Their contributions to oil and gas exploration, fishing and seafood production, commerce on Texas waters and various other jobs considerably benefit all Texans. Risk for injury is constantly present and Doyle LLP Trail Lawyers focuses on advocating for victims of Texas maritime accidents.

Our claims include injuries on vessels such as barges, tugboats, commercial fishing vessels, cargo vessels, tankers, drill ships, floating rigs, and others. We also work on claims for onshore maritime injuries suffered by dock workers, longshoremen, harbor workers and offshore injuries aboard oil rigs. Comprehensive knowledge of the Jones Act and other maritime laws allows our attorney to put a concerted effort towards recovery.

Injured in Texas Waters?

Our abilities cover all Texas waterways:

  • Texas Gulf Coast accidents in channels and ports, including Galveston, Port Isabel, Victoria, Texas City, Port of West Calhoun, Matagorda, Victoria, Port Arthur, Ingleside, Corpus Christi, Sabine Pass, and Lavaca among others.
  • Commerce in the Houston Ship Channel and traffic on the Red River, Rio Grande River, Colorado River, Sabine River, San Antonio River, Pecos River and other rivers in Texas.
  • Commercial fishing boat accidents and other vessels in Galveston Bay, Matagorda Bay and other coastal locations
  • Business interruption and property damage from oil spills or other negligence by corporations in waterways and oil drilling

History of Results for Texas Maritime Workers injured at home or abroad

Our Texas based maritime attorneys’   for workers and their families include:

  • Recovering a $1.22 million jury award for Texas resident Roger Hamilton in his case against Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Company. Mr. Hamilton suffered career-ending injuries, including a lumbar spine injury aboard the vessel. The jury maintained Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Company was negligent in maintaining the vessel and attempting to conceal information about the accident. Hamilton v. Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Company –  Jury Verdict: $1.22 million. (Attorneys’ Fees: $400,000; Litigation Expenses: $47,276.54)
  • A $1.5 million Texas jury verdict for supply ship captain Bobby Roberts, who suffered head, back and neck injuries during an attack off the African coast Roberts v. Rigdon Marine –  Jury Verdict: $1.5 million, increased to $1,752,767.44 with interest. (Attorneys Fees: $788,745.35; Expenses $49,603.52)
  • A $9.6 million Texas jury verdict for Willie David Williams, who injured his back while repairing machinery on a Diamond-owned offshore rig near Egypt. Williams V. Diamond Offshore Services Limited and Diamond Offshore Services Company – Jury Verdict: $9.6 million, reduced to $8,512,068 after contributory negligence offset. (Final Resolution Pending )


From our home state of Texas to the rest of the world, our firm has demonstrated the ability to help maritime accidents resulting in injury. Please contact us to discuss your potential claim.

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Benefits of Working with a maritime lawyer at Doyle LLP

  • Our Maritime Lawyer has decades of experience in aggressively pursuing offshore injury and Jones Act cases
  • We have a track record of swiftly pursuing maritime cases to get the best recovery as soon as possible
  • We have won millions for clients involved in offshore injury and Jones Act cases
  • We have a track record of taking offshore injury and Jones Act cases to trial and winning
  • Offshore companies and their insurers know our history of success, which translates to getting the best results for our clients time and time again



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