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Doyle LLP filed a claim against Enterprise Marine Services LLC and Enterprise Products Company under maritime and admiralty law

Doyle LLP has been retained to file a claim against Enterprise Marine Services LLC and Enterprise Products Company under maritime and admiralty law. The suit is pending in Harris County District Court, in Houston, Texas, relating to wrongful conduct by Enterprise that occurred offshore Louisiana in the Gulf of Mexico.

The case invokes the Jones Act and United States general maritime law and seeks damages suffered by Doyle LLP’s client for injuries suffered while working offshore. The suit alleges that Doyle LLP’s client’s Jones Act employer, Enterprise, was negligent and provided unseaworthy vessels, in violation of long-standing admiralty law. On August 29, 2018 on the vessel M/V Fritz, Enterprise failed to provide non-skid surfacing on a dangerous stairway, with diamond plate that had been removed, and continued to leave the stair way in use, without barricading or blockading it off. As a result, Doyle LLP’s client, who was a tankerman, fell and suffered serious injuries to his tailbone, lumbar spine, foot, knee, leg, ankle, head, shoulder, and finger. After going through initial conservative treatment, the injured seaman attempted to return to work. He was re-assigned as a tankerman on the vessel, M/V Cathy. Unfortunately, his injuries worsened on January 5, 2019, when he was instructed to work with improper improperly maintained and tangled lines, and insufficient manpower to face up the M/V Cathy to a barge, resulting in a new or aggravation injury to his lumbar spine and body generally. Enterprise Marine did not properly supervise or train the crew, failed to properly man the vessels, failed to provide adequate equipment, and was generally negligently operating the vessels causing Mr. Cathey to suffer injuries. The suit alleges that Enterprise was negligent under the Jones Act and violated the duty of unseaworthiness under maritime and admiralty law by failing to provide proper stair ways, maintained lines, and a properly trained crew.

The injuries suffered by this offshore worker entitle him to recover medical bills, surgical costs, lost wages, mental anguish, pain and suffering, and physical impairment. These types of damages, in addition to maintenance and cure, are available to him under the Jones Act, general maritime law, admiralty law, and the duty of seaworthiness.

This particular case necessitated the services of attorneys that have extensive experience in analyzing, pursuing, and winning admiralty and maritime law matters. Often, attorneys, like those at Doyle LLP, are necessary to determine whether you fall under the Jones Act, general maritime law, or other admiralty rules to pursue the correct type of claim and full damages to which you are entitled. If you believe that you have suffered injuries due to the negligence of an offshore employer under maritime law or admiralty law, contact Doyle LLP for a free consultation regarding your legal rights.

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