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Doyle Dennis LLP Sues Liquimar Tanker Management Services, Inc.

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Doyle Dennis LLP has recently filed a lawsuit against Liquimar Tankers Management Services Inc. in Louisiana on behalf of their client, a marine engineer whose right hand was crushed while servicing the M/T Evridiki, a vessel operated by Liquimar. Prior to this incident, Doyle Dennis LLP’s client has been a loyal, hardworking employee of Liquimar for almost 31 years; however, as a result of Liquimar’s negligent conduct, it is now unclear whether the client will ever return to working in his chosen profession.

On or about December 16, 2023, the client was working aboard the M/T Evridiki as it traveled in the territorial waters of Louisiana when an employee of Liquimar negligently slammed a butterfly valve into the client’s dominant hand, causing the amputation of part of his finger. Defendant Liquimar, through its employees and officers, worsened this injury by intentionally delaying the client’s medical treatment. Specifically, Liquimar’s captain prevented the client from seeing a doctor until January 10, 2023, when he finally received an x-ray and antibiotics in Louisiana. The client received no further medical care until he was seen at a hospital in Spain on February 20, 2023. The hospital performed a clinical amputation of the client’s ring finger the next day. Unfortunately, the procedure was only partially successful and required additional surgical intervention. Nevertheless, Liquimar refused to repatriate the client to his home country until April 7, 2023.

Offshore workers constitute an essential component of the offshore industry, which in turn plays a vital role in the global economy. The United States recognizes the significance of offshore workers by providing seamen with substantial legal remedies under general maritime law for any injuries they sustain in the course of their employment. The attorneys at Doyle Dennis LLP are committed to assisting offshore workers receive the justice and compensation they deserve. If you were injured offshore and would like to understand your rights, call us today for a free evaluation of your claim.