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Jones Act Lawsuit: Doyle LLP vs. Genesis Marine LLC

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Doyle LLP has brought an offshore injury claim, under United States general maritime law and more specifically the Jones Act, on behalf of a seaman who was injured working aboard a tank barge offshore in the Atlantic Ocean. The claim against Genesis Marine LLC is based in Harris County, Texas.  Genesis Marine LLC is a foreign limited liability corporation incorporated in the state of Delaware, with its headquarters and principal place of business in Houston, Harris County, Texas, and that regularly does business in a systematic and continuous manner in the State of Texas. Doyle LLP’s client was a citizen of Puerto Rico and operated on Genesis Marine LLC’s fleet of vessels throughout waterways including the Atlantic Ocean.

The claim brought under general United States maritime law and the Jones Act is based upon the negligence of our client’s Jones Act employer Genesis Marine LLC. The claim is also based upon the negligence of the employees, officers and crew of Genesis Marine LLC; and the condition of Genesis Marine’s tank barge, the Energy 11103. At the time of the incident, Doyle LLP’s client was employed by Genesis Marine LLC as a seaman on their fleet of vessels. On or about May 7, 2018, Doyle LLP’s client was performing work duties loading open and close valves. Doyle LLP’s client was turning their body attempting to open a stuck valve with a wrench and pipe when that slipped and resulted in a serious fall. As a result of this incident Doyle LLP’s client suffered serious life changing injuries that will impair them for the rest of their lives. Genesis Marine LLC failed its duty to Doyle LLP’s client by not providing a vessel and its appurtenances suitable for its intended use. Genesis Marine also did not properly supervise or train the crew, failed to properly man the vessel, failed to provide adequate equipment, and was generally negligently operating the vessel causing Doyle LLP’s client to suffer injuries. Genesis Marine was responsible for the dangerous and unseaworthy conditions of its vessel. The dangerous and defective condition of the vessel violated general United States Maritime law and unfortunately caused great permanent harm to Doyle LLP’s client. Ultimately, the negligence in numerous regards were the cause of Doyle LLP client’s injuries.

Due to the negligence of Genesis Marine LLC, Doyle LLP’s client faces a future of serious pain and impairment. Prior to the maritime incident, Doyle LLP’s client was a healthy, able-bodied seaman operating on a vessel of Genesis Marine’s fleet. Due to the incident, Doyle LLP’s client was required and underwent a major neck surgery to ease some of the suffering but ultimately continues and will continue to deal with pain and impairment for the rest of their lives. Doyle LLP’s client also suffered a variety of serious injuries further impairing their ability to live and work in the future. This incident not only impacted the client physically, mentally and emotionally but also caused Doyle LLP’s client to sustain a loss of earnings and wage-earning capacity in the past as well as reasonably foreseeable in the future due to the incident. Significant damages are owed to Doyle LLP’s client under maritime law and the Jones Act.  Under admiralty law, maritime law, and the Jones Act, this injured maritime worker will be entitled to seek lost wages, lost future earning capacity, past and future medical expenses, pain and suffering, physical impairment, mental anguish and other damages. Doyle LLP’s client faces permanent disfigurement and impairment of which they received frequent medical care in the past and will require other and additional medical treatment in the future.

Doyle LLP proudly has fought for decades for our clients and will again work to get this injured seaman what they ultimately deserve. Maritime workers play a vital role in the United State’s economy and the government has recognized this with special protections and obligations legally owed to injured seamen. Genesis Marine LLC operates a wide variety of vessels in their fleet and must train and equip their crew to properly complete their jobs. When this fails to happen, incidents like this ultimately can result in permanent or fatal consequences. Doyle LLP’s team of trial attorneys has fought with great success in helping seamen get what they deserve when their employer fails to properly prepare and protect them from the dangers of their jobs. We have decades of results and a verifiable track record in the courtroom to back up our efforts. We aim to help our clients seek the best result for them and will fight all they way to a trial verdict to get them what they deserve. If you would like to understand your rights protected by maritime law, following an offshore injury, the attorneys at Doyle LLP can assist in providing a free evaluation of your claim, based upon years of experience and success in representing injured offshore workers under maritime law and the Jones Act.  Call us to discuss your claim and help you fight for what you legally deserve.