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Cruise Ships Injuries

Cruise ships are supposed to provide extraordinary memories and enjoyment for guests. To make this possible requires grueling work in tough conditions for cruise ship employees. The close and crowded quarters of the ship increase the risk for accidents and injuries. Crew can injure various muscles while doing work on the vessel that may not seem like maritime work. But, most employees, no matter the job, are covered by the Jones Act if they injure themselves while helping the mission of the vessel. This could include the chefs preparing food for the ship or the crew carrying luggage or other heavy materials throughout the boat. Passengers might think a they are at a relaxed vacation, but the risk for injury is much greater on the high seas than on land.

Whether you are a passenger or part of the crew on a cruise ship, Doyle Dennis Avery LLP can help you receive the compensation you deserve after a maritime injury. We have experience dealing with clients and companies around the world who were injured on cruise ships as crew or passengers. Our attorneys have vast experience in international maritime law. They can figure out which location to file suits to give you the best chance at appropriate compensation. Contact our experience maritime travel firm today to talk to an attorney that cares about helping people get what they deserve after a maritime injury.