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Doyle Dennis LLP Sues Transocean

Doyle Dennis LLP Sues Transocean

Doyle Dennis LLP has been retained to file suit against Transocean. The client was a hardworking and longtime employee, who started working for Transocean in 2007. Transocean provides offshore contract drilling services for energy companies and specializes in deep water and harsh-environment drilling.

Doyle Dennis LLP’s client worked as a Crane Operator on Transocean’s drill ship. At the time of his injuries, the drill ship was in the Gulf of Mexico. Unfortunately, Transocean had an insufficient amount of crewmembers to perform tasks safely and efficiently. The drill ship was significantly understaffed, and Doyle Dennis LLP’s client was sometimes required to sit and operate the crane for twelve hours without any breaks. As a result of Transocean’s negligence and the vessel’s unseaworthiness, he developed severe carpal tunnel.

Under the Jones Act, Doyle Dennis LLP’s client was a seaman. The Jones Act is the federal law that provides compensation for injured seamen who work on vessels and other offshore installations, including drill ships. And under maritime law, a vessel may be “unseaworthy” if the hull, equipment, and crew are not reasonable in design, maintenance, and character to perform their intended functions. For example, if the vessel’s crew or captain are determined to be “unfit,” the vessel may be found to be “unseaworthy.” Under this precedent, vessel owners such as Transocean will be held liable for injuries caused aboard if their vessels are found to be unseaworthy.

Doyle Dennis LLP has represented many offshore workers who were injured on the job. This year, Doyle Dennis LLP secured a $7.8 million verdict on behalf of an offshore worker who worked aboard a drill ship. Specifically, the jury attributed 90% of the negligence that caused the client’s injuries to the offshore drilling company and only 10% to the client. The jury also attributed 99% of the unseaworthiness of the ship to the offshore drilling company and only 1% to the client. Based on the evidence and arguments, the jury awarded Doyle Dennis LLP’s client $1,821,000 in past damages (including pain, mental anguish, loss of earning capacity, disfigurement, impairment, and medical care) and $6,040,000 in future damages (including pain, mental anguish, loss of earning capacity, impairment, and medical care).

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